Rubber Track Size - How To Find and Measure

When determining your required rubber track size, first check for the size of the rubber track on the rubber track itself.

Look at your existing track to see if the size is STAMPED into the RUBBER!

If can't find a rubber track size stamped into the rubber then you can take three simple rubber track measurements that will determine which replacement track you need.

1. Measure the width of the track in millimeters. (1 inch = 25.4 millimeters)

2. Measure the distance from the center of one link to the center of the next link (in millimeters). This distance is known as the pitch of the track.

3. Count the number of links, or lugs all the way around the inside of the track.

This replacement rubber track measurement is read Width x Pitch x Links.

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There are thousands of different types of machines on the market today.

These machines use a wide variety of tracks sizes.

Sprocket driven rubber tracks are put into two different classifications - conventional and interchangeable (see below).

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Conventional type rubber tracks

Conventional type rubber tracks can only be operated on undercarriages designed for rubber tracks only.

Conventional type tracks have a pitch measurement (this is the distance from the center of one metal link to the center of the next metal link) of 60,72,84,86,87,90,100,125 and 150 millimeters.

Interchangeable type rubber tracks

Interchangeable type rubber tracks can be used on undercarriages designed to operate steel or rubber tracks.

Interchangeable tracks can be made in a long pitch or short pitch style track.

These tracks have pitch measurements of: 48,96,52.5,54,55,56,71,72.5,73,81,81.5,83,83.5,109,142,144,146,163 and 167 millimeters.

Some machines can have an even greater pitch measurement.

- Long Pitch tracks have a metal link landing on every other sprocket tooth.

- Short Pitch tracks have a metal link landing on every sprocket tooth.

How to convert long pitch tracks to short pitch tracks

Long pitch measurement x number of long pitch links = Total circumference of long pitch track. Divide this number by the short pitch measurement and this equals the number of short pitch links.


Long Pitch Track measurement = 300 x 109 x 39

109 x 39 = 4251

4251 / 52.5 = 80.97 links

Round the number of links to the nearest even number, which is 80. This equals your number of short pitch links.

Short Pitch Track measurement = 300 x 52.5 x 80

Rubber Track Roller Guide Information

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